Splendid Asia - Client of the Year 2021

At Hals & Hounds, we are thrilled to announce our Client of the Year for 2021 – Splendid Asia! Every year, we choose one of our many clients from around the world who have exceeded our expectations and gone above and beyond in their partnership with us. Splendid Asia has truly stood out from the crowd with their exceptional communication, timely deliveries, utilization of our products to the fullest, and most importantly, treating our team with utmost respect.
Splendid Asia is one of the most prominent travel agents and tour operators in the Maldives. They have made a name for themselves in the industry with their dedication to providing complete solutions for inbound travelers. They offer versatility for independent leisure travel, as well as charters and group tours, and have a diverse choice of travel facilities on offer, including resorts, hotels, liveaboards, and guesthouses.

We are proud to say that Splendid Asia has been a client of Hals & Hounds since 2018, and we have had the pleasure of working with them on several projects. Throughout our partnership, we have been impressed with their professionalism and attention to detail. They have always made sure to provide us with all the necessary materials on time, which has made our work much more manageable and efficient.

In addition, Splendid Asia has always maintained excellent communication with our team, which has been a key factor in our successful collaboration. They have followed our advice and expertise in every project, which has allowed us to create top-notch solutions tailored to their specific needs. Furthermore, Splendid Asia has always settled their payments on time, which shows their commitment to maintaining a strong business relationship with us.

We are delighted to have Splendid Asia as our Client of the Year for 2021. As a token of our appreciation, they will receive added benefits, discounts, and unparalleled support from our team. We value our partnership with Splendid Asia and look forward to continuing to work with them on future projects.

In conclusion, we want to congratulate Splendid Asia on this well-deserved recognition. Their dedication to excellence and outstanding service to their customers have made them a true benchmark in the travel industry. We hope to see continued success in their future endeavors, and we are proud to have played a small part in their journey.