Websites, Platforms & Applications
  • By accepting an invoice for a project you are agreeing to our Terms and Conditions listed here, on the invoice and any other agreements made between the client and us.
  • The price agreed upon before initiation of a project will never be increased by us unless a new feature or service is added to the project.
  • The project duration, milestones and deadlines agreed upon before the initiation of the project may be revised and extended by us depending on changes to your requirements, and delays in providing us with the necessary materials.
  • The agreed upon timeframe for a project does not include public holidays, and weekly holidays (Friday, Saturday and Sunday), unless agreed upon otherwise before the initiation of a project.
  • A project may be completed and delivered before the agreed upon duration, deadline or milestone.
  • Once a design has been confirmed any design modifications and changes will be charged for unless agreed upon otherwise.
  • Once a project has been initiated any feature modifications will be charged for unless agreed upon otherwise.
  • For projects that require pluggability and support for future addition of modules, Hals & Hounds is not required to add those features or modules and any such additions will be charged for separately.
Maintenance, Hosting & Domains
  • We do not guarantee up to 100% uptime of our hosting servers. Clients must accept that our servers may go offline from time to time.
  • If one of our hosting servers goes offline we will do everything we can to bring it back online or provide an alternative that is acceptable to the client.
  • We are not responsible for any service outages of third party hosting servers that we maintain for clients under a maintenance agreement.
  • While backups for products and hosting servers maintained by us under a maintenance agreement will be backed up on an agreed upon interval, we are not responsible for the loss of data not included in a backup.
  • On site maintenance personnel will be available when required, however availability is subject to our workload at any given time.
  • Hosting, domains and maintenance will be charged monthly, and payments must be made according to an agreed upon payment plan.
  • Unpaid overdue payments for hosting, domains and maintenance will result in suspension of services until all due payments including any incurred fines have been paid in full.
  • We are not responsible for cancellation of service and loss of data due to service suspension or non-payment.
Privacy, Content & Disclaimer
  • We, our team members and any third party affiliates are legally required to keep any materials provided by the client confidential unless agreed upon otherwise.
  • We, our team members and any third party affiliates are legally required to keep features and content of an ongoing project confidential from the public and any third party unless agreed upon otherwise.
  • We, our team members and any third party affiliates are not responsible for any implications, legal or otherwise, of the content owned by the client and stored on the client’s product.
  • Unless otherwise agreed upon we do not set up content on dynamic websites, platforms and applications we build.
Invoicing, Payments & Cancellation
  • Invoices may be issued and delivered via email, on paper or via fax.
  • Payments must be made in a currency and method mentioned in the invoice. If no currency and method is mentioned, the default currency and payment method is Maldivian Rufiyaa in cash.
  • All payments must be made within the duration mentioned in the invoice.
  • Overdue payments may incur fines up to MVR 1,000 per day.
  • We reserve the right to cancel the project if the client can no longer be contacted or the payment for it is overdue.
  • Before a project is canceled the client will be notified via email, 24 hours before cancellation.
  • Upon cancellation of a project, any advanced payments made will not be refunded and the client is legally bound to settle all outstanding payments in full.