Adobe Typekit and Google Fonts are two different web font services. This means that the tools use a little CSS wizardry to deliver fonts to web browsers to render the typefaces on your website. There are a few other web font services out there, but most of them are much smaller than these big two. Many of the typography houses offer web fonts for their signature typefaces and do some font retailers.

We’re going to break down Google Fonts bcause of their more universal appeal and popularity. While Typekit is part of Adobe’s Creative Cloud paid software suite, Google Fonts integration is a completely free option, making it popular with developers. Fonts are easy to integrate and download, with an ever-growing collection of typefaces.

Below is a list of Open Sourced Typefaces offered by Google Fonts. You can try them out and see how they work.

Font Family
This list contains all the available Open Source fonts optimized for web. Select a font to set the sample text.
Font Variant
These are all the available variants of the selected font. Select a variant to set the below sample text.
Font Size
Enter a value here to adjust the size of the below sample text. Note that fonts are rendered in pixels (px).

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