Project Details

Heavenfalls is a proof of concept 3D game redeveloped using a javascript based engine. It allows players to roam around a progressively generated forest. It is a survival game with day and night simulation. Players must scavenge, build and survive to reach the edge of the forest.

Imagine waking up in a forest. Surrounded by death and decay. You have no idea how you got there. But you must find a way out. The road ahead is long and uncertain. The night is darker than black. The winter is colder than ice. Find yourself shelter and craft the tools necessary for survival. From here on, this world is all you will see and all you will know. Fight, survive, and find a way out. Because something is waiting for you, on the other side.

Key Features
  • Dynamic Modeling System
  • Progressive Generation System
  • 3D Texture Mapping System
  • Dynamic Lighting System
  • Day Night Circulation System
  • Quest Management System
  • Inventory Management System