Project Details

Connectus Maldives Pvt Ltd is a privately held investment firm registered in the Maldives since 2015. With interests in construction, contracting, real estate, trading, hospitality, agriculture & e-Commerce, we work with a simple compelling philosophy of innovation, trust & respect. They aim to transform the construction industry by moving away from traditional techniques and introducing technologically and technically advanced practices. This enables home owners to build homes faster at lower cost resulting in safe and comfortable buildings that are environmentally friendly, energy efficient and resistant to fire, flood, load and blast.

The website was designed to showcases their services, corporate profile and portfolio. Since the information is subject to change, the website includes a fully functional and fully dynamic content management system that allows the client to change every aspect of the design, content and layout.

Key Features
  • Dynamic Page Builder
  • Content Management System
  • Reusable Gallery System
  • Automatic Image Optimisation
  • Portfolio Management System
  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Responsivity Support
  • Social Media Integration